James D. Smith

Senior Partner


Mr. Bill Turenne, Sr., serves as a partner at BlackPoint Strategies. In addition to his role with BPS, Bill serves as president and CEO of Turenne & Company, a business consulting firm that specializes in public affairs, crisis management, government relations at the state and federal levels. More recently, Turenne & Company has focused on the integration of strategic planning in a digital environment, centering on client policy vulnerabilities. The consulting firm brings to bear Mr. Turenne’s thirty plus years of active involvement with senior corporate decision makers, where he has earned the trust of senior executives of client organizations.

In 2009, Mr. Turenne acquired partial ownership of Kaballero, LLC, a small ISP (Internet Service Provider). Along with a partner of the firm, they grew the organization from its small geographical size with little revenue and profit to well over several hundred square miles of coverage and over 2000 subscribers. In 2012, with two other partners, Mr. Turenne helped form National IT Crew, LLC –a Virginia based implementation contractor specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of wire and wireless networks, fiber optics, and tower services. National IT Crew’s (IT Crew) expertise began in the WISP market when they developed a WiFi network consisting of over one hundred towers which serviced customers in under-served rural areas of central, northern, and eastern Virginia. IT Crew then leveraged that expertise to become one of the leading technology contractors on the East Coast. In 2011, National IT Crew was chosen by the Boy Scouts of America and ATT for the installation of a state-of-the-art 4G LTE system on the entire Reserve that covers over 10,600 acres.

From 1965 to 1995, Mr. Turenne served as director of corporate affairs at Eli Lilly and Company. During his 31-year career at Eli Lilly he led the creation and development of the company’s government and public affairs organization; first at the state level, then at the federal level and he ultimately served on the Management Committee of the North American Affiliate. His responsibilities there focused on integrating the efforts of federal and state government affairs into the strategic business planning exercises within the company.

In 2005 Mr. Turenne was appointed by President George W. Bush to the White House Conference on Aging Advisory Committee, where he joined twenty-one other appointees on this committee who assisted in the development of recommendations to guide the President, Congress and Federal Agencies in serving older Americans. He has also served as an Expert Consultant to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Throughout his career, Bill has served on many non-profit boards, including The Public Affairs Council, The Business Government Relations Council, The Multiple Sclerosis Association, DC Chapter, and the Tomas Rivera Center, an institute of policy studies affecting Hispanic Americans. For the past ten years he was Chairman of the Board of ITN America, the first and only national non-profit transportation system for America’s aging population.

Bill received a BS degree in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut and completed the Boston College Graduate School of Management program. He proudly served for over 10 years in the in the United States Coast Guard Reserve. Having lived in the Washington area since 1980, Bill currently splits time between DC and his home in Irvington, Virginia.